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The word manufacturing implies several activities and processes such as making things, imagining, planning, creating and improving things and/or selling, marketing and managing processes.

Manufacturing is the process of a physical or chemical transformation of materials or components into new products, whether that work is performed by a computer operated machine, power-driven equipment or by hand. South Africa’s Tooling Industry is a vital part of manufacturing in today’s rapidly developing world. Therefore the TDM Powered Programmes are developed to address the skills shortages in Metal Casting, Product Design, Metallurgy, Non-destructive Testing, Casting and Moulding, and Surface Finishing.

The Tooling Industry makes use of techniques and processes to make an almost limitless array of products, ranging from small precision components to large engine blocks and manifolds.

Manufactured products and processes have to be conceived, designed and devised. The products need to be tested, maintained and repaired, and their quality needs to be assured and improved. The products and parts have to be sold and transported nationally and internationally. Enterprises need to be managed, business processes established and implemented, and staff supervised and trained. Because Manufacturing is so diverse, careers in Manufacturing are also incredibly diverse and suit people of all personalities and educational levels.

More and more, people who develop increasing levels of skill and who understand modern technology are interested in the variety of career options that are available in this industry.

Your work and life experience, and the skills you possess, are invaluable and highly sought after by employers in this industry.

So take a look around at the exciting job and career possibilities and see how you can benefit from the TDM Powered, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Programme which will assure your future in Manufacturing.

Why should I choose TDM Powered Programme

The industry needs Product Designers to design the precision moulds and Patternmakers, Fabricators and Moulders to bring their designs to reality. Metallurgists, Testers and Polishers ensure the final product is of the highest quality and finish. They utilise ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as nickel alloy, steel, iron and aluminium.

The skills you learn in working in the Tooling Manufacturing Industry could also see you moving across to work in related industries such as Aerospace, Marine and Automotive.

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